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Valsaway.com is a Marketplace conceived as a virtual platform for the small companies of Valsamoggia willing to be known and to develop their business.

Through an introduction of this territory, Valsaway.com is meant to promote the small companies, the products and the places of Valsamoggia, supporting the interaction with Italian or foreign visitors and customers (“Users” from now on) potentially interested in.

Valsaway.com encourages the interested Businesses in becoming Partners of this Project, choosing one of the membership formulas representing the base of cooperation between the above-mentioned Business and the administrators of the Marketplace (“Promoters” from now on), getting the status of “Advertiser”.

Operating as an advertising agent and an exchange enabler, Valsaway.com offers to its Users discounts for buying goods or services at the Partners of the Marketplace together with the chance of discovering an area rich in charm and history in Emilia Romagna.

Valsaway.com Project gathers indeed freelance professionals specialized in marketing consultancy and sales and impassioned inhabitants of Valsamoggia believing in this territory and its Protagonists, all of them working together to boost this area with a network approach.


Both Businesses (“Partners” from now on ) and Users, according to their own areas of interest, will interact with the Marketplace by registering in the specific area of the website – Marketplace for Partners and Coupon for Users – and through this, they will be able to ask and obtain further information, promotional vouchers and to receive the periodical Newsletter.

By registering, Partners and Users will agree to the present Valsaway.com Terms and Conditions, including the information about the use of personal data.


The businesses of Valsamoggia and bordering areas interested in becoming Valsaway.com partners can get in touch with the Promoters without any obligation through the “Marketplace” website specific area (only for the Italian version) where they should fill in a registration form, thus requiring a date to have more information and details explained.


Valsaway.com allows all the Users interested in products or service offered by its Partners to obtain a discount on definite services or products advertised in the “Coupon” website specific area, on a minimum fixed purchase. Clicking on “register to get the discount Coupon”, the User will enter a registration form necessary to subscribe to the Newsletter service, to receive the Coupon and all the news about initiatives or offers concerning the products or services he (or she) is interested in.

The same Coupon can be used at all the Valsaway.com Partners that share this specific kind of promotional policy based on discounts. Users are invited to check carefully the relevant Partners in the specific Website area . The expiry date of Coupons is always on December 31st of the current year; beyond that moment it will be necessary to require a new Coupon.

The same Coupon can be used several times at the same Partner during the current year.

WARNING: discounts cannot be combined with themselves or with others special offers underway.

The products or services on the Website will be directly dispensed by the Advertisers. Promoters do not accept any responsibilities or commitments related to products or services purchased by the Advertisers since they only acts as an advertising medium between Partners and Users.

Users agree that Promoters will not be in any way responsible for possible costs, damages, losses or expenses sustained related to use or purchase of products or services offered by the Advertisers.

Users will not be allowed to ask Promoters any refunding for any damage sustained as regards to the use of purchased products or services. Promoters, on their part, will try to select and follow the Advertisers for the purpose of offering the most correct and satisfactory service to Users.

Coupons will be sent to the email address indicated during the registration phase as an attached file. They shall be downloaded and shown to the related Partners by printing them or displaying them on electronic device. The shipping of the Coupon is concurrent to registration and it could even take effect within the following day (except for cases of technical problems).


Without prejudice to the restrictions concerning the use of distinctive markings and symbols owned by the Advertisers or other material supplied by Partners or Advertisers, Valsaway.com owns every right relevant the graphic or conceptual of the Website, nevertheless the distinctive markings displayed inside of it.

Therefore it is forbidden the reproduction, either in full or in part, of the Website graphic or content or the distinctive markings displayed inside it.


The relationship between Valsaway.com, its Advertisers and Users are regulated by the Terms and Conditions of Use published on the Website and during the registration.


Hyeraci Flora, whose registered office is located in Via G. di Vittorio n°22, località Castello di Serravalle, 40053 Valsamoggia (BO), Part. IVA: 03264321203, as the owner of Valsaway.com website, is holder and responsible for personal data processing communicated by Advertisers and Users at the time of registering. By subscribing the registration form, Advertisers and Users accept this Terms and Conditions of Use and agree to the processing of personal data as indicated in the “Privacy Policy” section.

By subscribing the registration form, Advertisers and Users accept this Terms and Conditions of Use and agree to the processing of personal data as indicated in the “Privacy Policy” section.


Cookies are short text strings capable of saving web surfing data on the web for statistical or functional purpose. They can be used to recognize the user visualizing a certain website to make web surfing easier and to make the content personalized.

The cookies used by Valsaway.com are pledged to: guarantee ordinary web surfing, use correctly the Website, collect anonymous data about Website users, manage newsletter mailing, interact on social networks, protect against Spam.

All the data collected by means of cookies will be treated in a safe way.


Valsaway.com Promoters are fully at the disposal for every need or problem. It will be enough contacting us by way of the Website specific area “Contact us” or sending an e-mail to info@valsaway.com. We will answer as soon as possible.

We kindly invite both Partners and Users to refer to the FAQs section, too.

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