Products of Valsamoggia

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Products of Valsamoggia

Situated in the heart of Emilia between the mountains and the plains and between the provinces of Bologna and Modena, Valsamoggia is a land gifted with a large variety of food farming products.

Superb cured pork meats, cheeses, filled pastas and wines are the main characters of our regional heritage with which some delicious local products excellently match.



Some native wine varieties – but not only – are present in the area, producing excellent DOC and DOCG wines. Among white wines, Pignoletto is mainly worth being mentioned, becoming DOCG “Colli Bolognesi” since 2015. It can be found sparkling, still or spumante. Other white wines are Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot bianco and Riesling Italico; all of them can be found as DOC “Bianco Bologna”. Among red wines especially Barbera DOC (sparkling or still), Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot with denomination “Rosso Bologna” stand out.

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Valsamoggia also boasts a good production of craft beer of different styles (American Wit, American pale Ale, Golden Ale, White or Black India Pale Ale, Italian Ale, Saison, Strong English Ale). Some producers in the area use zero kilometers barley for their beer.



King of the cheese par excellence, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP is produced and sold directly in Valsamoggia’s outlets and cheese factories along with Ricotta and Caciotte (fresh or shortly aged cheese). Nowadays in the area some sheep breeding farms are still present, producing and selling sheep’s Ricotta and fresh or aged Pecorino.

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cured pork meats

Renowned as Emilian excellences, Valsamoggia has a good production of Prosciutto, Salame, Salsiccia passita, Ciccioli frolli and secchi, Pancetta arrotolata, Coppa d’estate (capocollo) and Coppa d’inverno. In delicatessen shops “Mortadella” can always be found; a produce from the adjacent area of Zola Predosa. Other typical cured pork meats, mainly consumed during wintertime and Christmas time, are Zampone and Cotechino.


filled pastas

Countryside’s gentle pace and the widespread presence of female cooks (“zdore” in our dialect) assist the protection and promotion of the many excellent aspects to our culinary heritage. “Sfoglia” (puff pastry) is a cornerstone of the regional cuisine, being the basis of delicious first courses like Tortellini, Lasagne, Tortelloni and the unfailing Tagliatelle, ever-present on the dining tables of Valsamoggia.

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uva ciliegie ortofrutta valsamoggia

fruit and vegetables

In Valsamoggia different fruit and vegetables farming are present: Cherries are surely worth mentioning (Valsamoggia is included in the production area of “Ciliegia di Vignola”, growing many traditional varieties of “Durone” cherry). Chasselas grapes, too, are a typical cultivation of Valsamoggia area: at the beginning of the last century they were cultivated as table grapes and they were exported to several european countries. Nowadays only some small vineyards exist, but a relaunch venture for this product is currently being planned.

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Specialita-locali-Valsamoggialocal specialities

A sort of small breads from Modenese Appennines, Crescentine nelle Tigelle (or most commonly, Tigelle) are by now widespread in the whole of Valsamoggia up to the plains. Tigelle are consumed filled with cured pork meats, cheese or Cunza (a fine mince made of lard, garlic and rosemary). Mostly common in the plains and the low hills, Crescentine fritte (also called “Gnocco fritto”) represent an appetizing variation from the classic starchy foods which can be filled with all sorts of cured pork meats or soft cheese. Borlenghi, also coming from Modenese Appennines, are a sort of salty crêpe very thin and crunchy, flavored with a fine mince of lard (or salsiccia), garlic, rosemary and a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Thanks to the abundance of vineyards in the area, Vinegars, Balsamic Dressings and Mosto cotto (excellent products to be matched with cheese, cooked meat and desserts) are produced in Valsamoggia, too.

Savòr (or Savaur) is a sort of compote obtained from slowly boiled wine must to whom some pieces of fruit (quince, solid apple and pears, walnuts, hazelnuts, raisin and dried figs) are added. Mainly used to prepare some traditional cakes like Pane di Natale or Pinza, this compote can be finely matched with cheese or boiled meat.

Standing between the plains and the mountains, some typical cakes from both areas can be found in Valsamoggia. Zuccherino montanaro is a sort of cookie made of wheat flour, eggs and anise seeds glazed by a mixture of sugar and anisette: it was originally prepared during wedding celebrations. Torta di riso or Torta degli addobbi is an extremely elaborate dessert made of rice, milk, almonds, eggs and caramel traditionally prepared during the “Corpus Domini” celebrations.

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tartufi prodotti della valsamoggia

forest products

Thanks to the widespread presence of small woods and hedges, in Valsamoggia mushrooms can be found, but especially truffle. The former municipality of Savigno (nowadays a locality) promotes the Production and Marketing Brand of the White Precious Truffle of the Bolognese Hills. The White Precious Truffle of the Bolognese Hills Festival that takes place each year during the month of November draws a large number of visitors.

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