The Manor of Cuzzano stands between the localities of Zappolino and Savigno, in a small valley. The former castle was built in the late middle ages by the powerful family Da Cuzzano, who played an important role in Bologna’s history, taking part in different battles, the most famous amongst them is the Battle of Zappolino (November 15, 1325).

palazzo cuzzanoBanned from Bologna, the family took shelter in the castle oppressing the local inhabitants. Muzzarello da Cuzzano, rebel to the city’s government, succeeded however in getting power and renown so much to be entitled Lord of Monteveglio and Sassuolo. He also managed to marry one of the daughters of Taddeo Pepoli, Lord of Bologna. The early building, built during the 13th century, was destroyed by a fire in 1365: the reconstruction of the current building took place during 16th century, becoming a noble country abode.

The main façade, recently restored, is made of a central body flanked by two similar and symmetrical buildings. The one on the left houses a private chapel dedicated to the Holy Cross, with its cupola on the altar embellished by frescoes from the 18th century. The manor, including a tower from the middle ages, has an inner courtyard enclosed by a portico from the 19th century displaying the roof with its original truss. On the inside, an elegant hall still boasts its original floor, while the walls are decorated with frescoes from the 18th century representing landscapes.


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