Valsaway’s family enlarges…

“Corti, Chiese e Cortili” 31st edition: ready, steady, go!
19 May 2017

Valsaway’s family enlarges…

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Achieving its first year of life on the web, Valsaway becomes enriched by two new partners: “Il Pand’Oro – Scuola di Pane” bakery and “Podere Forca” farm, both from Savigno.

“Il Pand’Oro – Scuola di Pane”, run by the dynamic Costanza Cassanelli and her skilled partners, cranks out delicious pastries every day thanks to a knowing use of sourdough and zero km spelt flour.

If you want to discover more about “Il Pand’Oro – Scuola di Pane” bakery, click here >>

podere forca savigno valsamoggia

“Podere Forca” farm is run by the Collina family – breeders for generations – producing different kind of cheese (amongst them a tasty ricotta, lighter because it is not cream-added), always fresh thanks to their own processing plant.

If you want to discover more about “Podere Forca” farm, click here >>

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