1Which kind of companies are Partners of Valsaway.com Marketplace?
Small and Medium Companies situated in Valsamoggia (or nearby), working in food farming, catering and hospitality.
2I’m interested in receiving news and updates of Valsaway.com products and services. How can I do?
Just sign up our newsletter service and you will be periodically updated about Valsaway.com.
3I’m interested in visiting Valsamoggia. How can I have further information?

Contact us through the contact form . We will be pleased to give you suggestions on the trip and places to visit and to send you some information in addition to what you can find on our website.

4How can I have the discount coupon?
Go to the specific webpage and fill in the registration form. The discount coupon will be sent later by email.
5How long do the offers available on the website last?
All the offers last up to the end (31st of December) of the current year.
6For which kind of goods or services can I use the discount coupons?
For all the goods and services offered by the participant Companies shown in the specific webpage Coupon.
7The discount coupon can be combined with other promotions offered by the same Company?
No, except if differently specified.
8Can the discount coupon be used several times?
The same discount coupon can be used repeatedly until the end of the current year (31st of December) and at the same Company or at the other ones that you can find in the specific webpage Coupon. The discount cannot be combined with other promotions possibly offered by the companies.
9I signed up to have the discount coupon, but I didn’t receive it. What can I do?
Inform us about the problem through the contact form. We will answer as soon as possible
10Can I give to someone else the discount coupon?
Yes, of course you can! We strongly encourage you to do this so as to help us promoting our places and products.
11What can I do if the Company where I decided to spend my coupon doesn’t accept it?
First of all verify that the Company you have chosen participates to the discount coupon promotion in the specific webpage Coupon; then, inform us about the problem through the contact form.  We will try to answer as soon as possible.
12How can I cancel my registration to Valsaway.com?
Send us the request by email at info@valsaway.com
13I’m interested in some products promoted by Valsaway.com, but I’m abroad; how can I get them?
Send us your request through the contact form; it would be our pleasure examining if and how the delivery could be done and at what economic conditions. Then we will contact you to manage the shipping

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