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Valsaway Project

Valsaway is Valsamoggia’s online marketplace.

Valsaway is turning to Italians and foreigners willing to experience in a genuine way a land, its heritage, its products and, through them, its performers. Behind each product or service we choose there are people with their way of being and doing, with their passions and ambitions and, above all, with their daily diligence.

Valsaway is turning to the numerous entreprises in Valsamoggia as a project of promotion, partnership, and networking between local small businesses and entities willing to grow in terms of visibility and development: all of this together with – and thanks to – their territory.

Valsaway matches the name Valsamoggia to the English term way and its various meanings: road, path, distance but also way of doing, manner. A path to be walked through together to go far and a manner, our own, of doing things: according to our values and our traditions.

Who we are


Flora Hyeraci, born in 1980, co-founder of Valsaway.

Graduated in International Relationships and specialized in Business Internationalization, after having lived and worked in different contexts today I am a citizen of Valsamoggia.

Here I met the people, tasted the flavors, appreciated both history and heritage of the territory I have decided to promote and value, sharing my cultural and professional background.

Extensive views, flexibility, experience in enterprise and commercial consultancy are the main skills I am contributing both to this project and to all the people willing to grow and improve through it.


Marco Tagliani, born in 1975, creator and founder of Valsaway

Raised in Castello di Serravalle with a passion for local history, I had my high school degree in Languages and I graduated in Contemporary History. During my journeys to discover different people, countries and cultures, I always brought with me my homeland, looking for resemblances but, above all, valuing differences.

I have had a variety of jobs and these have provided me useful skills that, combined to a naturally pragmatic approach, I am transferring to the advertising and commercial business I have chosen as my career.

My main ambition is to make Italian and foreign people know and appreciate the places, flavors and heritage of Valsamoggia: the land I have lived in since I was born and that has given me so much over the years.

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